Capacitor Banks

Switchgear Power Systems has the experience and capabilities to design, engineer, and manufacture a wide variety of designs and styles of metal-enclosed capacitor banks for a multitude of applications. If your project requires fixed, switched or stepped configurations; harmonic filtering; voltage support or surge support, SPS has the support team to assist you in providing the correct solution.


Compact and Safe
Low profile, pad-mounted or upright, freestanding metal-enclosed capacitor banks from SPS are available in live front or dead front construction with many options in switching, fusing, and controls. Internally or externally fused capacitors; vacuum, oil, solid dielectric or vacuum under oil single phase or three phase switching; voltages up to 38kV, max; capacitance up to 54 MVAR.

Reduced Footprint
By choosing metal-enclosed Capacitor Banks from SPS vs choosing open rack style banks for someone else, you are not only increasing safety, you are reducing critical space in your substation. metal-enclosed capacitor banks from SPS eliminate the need for the ground clearances that are required when you install open rack banks. The footprint is dramatically reduced and installation time is at a minimum. When comparing “installed cost” on metal-enclosed vs. open rack, the favorable economics on metal-enclosed are undisputable.

Exact Specification
Low voltage harmonic filter capacitor banks from SPS are manufactured to your exact specifications. Critical size, reactor and capacitor co-ordination, controls, and overall arrangement to fit a critical dimension were met.

Flexible Options
Mild steel, stainless steel or aluminum construction; zero voltage crossing controls; relays and control devices; third party certification; special sizes; NEMA 1, 4, 3r non-walk in, 3r walk in, and PDCB construction; seismic ratings; skid mounted; fusing options; capacitor options; special colors, etc are readily available from SPS.





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